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iconarific's Journal

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Welcome to Iconarific

We are a Community for sharing Icons and templates.

There are just a few Rules.

1. Give Credit where credit is do. If you use an Icon posted in this Community you must credit the maker. Either in the Key word area or in your user info. This also goes for the templates. Please credit the templates to the creator at all times.

2. For posting to this community please make it a Friends only post. This is so that We can Protect all art work.

3. No requesting Icons. Artists are welcome to post that they are acceptin requests, but this is the only time that request will go through the community.

For now this is it, but we save the right to Amend these rules as needed.

You Community Mistresses

trippinroses and cfsilvermoon

Icon template used for this journal made By trippinroses and The Icon was made by cfsilvermoon