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A small batch of icons

I just finished making a few icons, so I thought I'd share them. I'm still fairly new to making icons even though I've had my LJ a while, so please be nice and let me know what you think. :)

Under the cut are 5 Owen Wilson icons, 2 kitten icons and 4 random icons. You might recognise some of the lyrics on some of them too, if you're really clever.

Anyone can take these as long as they:
- comment
- don't customize them anymore than they already are!
- credit demetakat in keywords
- no hotlinking at all
- love them always <33

Kitten bases - brhadaranyaka; ice-cream base - hello_kitty38; flower base - lovestruckicons; nail/face base - onlyliesxx; stars bases - icontopia111; Owen base (frame 5 of the animated icon) - insatible. All the other Owen bases are mine.
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